7 Simple Tips to Save Money on Energy

If you’re searching for simple ways to reduce the costs of your energy bills, the seven  below will help cut costs so there’s more money left in your pocket at the end of the day. Use these tips no matter where you reside in San Antonio or the type of dwelling  unit that you call home. They work to cut costs for every person.

1.    Evaluate your energy usage. It is easy to conduct this evaluation yourself or you can call the local energy company to assist with this process. Once you know your energy usage, it is easier to cut the amount that you consume.

2.    Install a programmable thermostat in the home, if it’s not already in place. You can cut 30% or more from your energy costs using this state-of-the-art thermostat.

3.    Keep the elements out. You can do this by using blackout curtains or blinds or shades to insulate against the sun and temperatures.

4.    Increase the thermostat temperature! Every degree cuts costs tremendously.

5.    You might be surprised to learn how much energy is wasted when you leave lights and appliances on when they’re not in use. Don’t make this mistake.

6.    It’s time to change the type of light bulbs you use. Switch to  Energy-star rated appliances and update them if it’s been some time since you did this.

7.    Use CFL light bulbs rather than incandescent and enjoy a more natural lighting environment and a significant reduction in energy costs.

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It’s Time to Save More Money

There are pretty simple ways to cut the costs of your energy usage without depleting the comfort of those in your home. Use the seven tips above to save money on energy san antonio tx and keep more of your money in your pocket where it belongs.